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Re: How to remove 70-persistent-net.rules?

In data giovedì 02 aprile 2009 11:23:59, Cyril Jaquier ha scritto:

> The
> first time I boot the system, udev write the MAC address of the network
> interfaces into /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and because I
> use full persistence, the file is there on the next boot. The problem is
> that the next boot can be on another Alix board which has different MAC
> addresses.

> 3/ Do you have any other cleaner solutions?

Try to use "live-persistence.binds", just specify /etc/udev/rules.d/ in that file at build time.

From live-initramfs man page:

----------- * ------------

This optional file (which resides in the rootfs system, not in the live media)
is used as a list of directories which not need be persistent: ie. their
content does not need to survive reboots when using the persistence features.

This saves expensive writes and speeds up operations on volatile data such as
web caches and temporary files (like e.g. /tmp and .mozilla) which are
regenerated each time. This is achieved by bind mounting each listed directory
with a tmpfs on the original path.
----------- * -------------

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