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How to remove 70-persistent-net.rules?

Hi all,

I'm using Debian Live on Alix boards. The system is on a CF card and the root filesystem is writable (full persistence). So far so good. The first time I boot the system, udev write the MAC address of the network interfaces into /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and because I use full persistence, the file is there on the next boot. The problem is that the next boot can be on another Alix board which has different MAC addresses. In this case, the network interfaces are not brought up correctly :( What is the best way to disable this feature?

1/ Is there a configuration parameter to disable this in udev?

2/ Should I write a script that remove this file during bootup? Is scripts/live-bottom/ the right place to do it? Probably before 23networking?

3/ Do you have any other cleaner solutions?

Thank you and Regards,

Cyril Jaquier

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