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[OK] Re: Debian live 5 and PXE

mabrothrax a écrit :

Isn't it better to use directly the unpacked .iso in a folder (and just give an address like "/debian5/live/filesystem.squashfs") ?

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Hi !

Good news, it's work !

To resolve, 1/ I have unpacked the .iso in a folder ("debian5") at the
tftpd folder's root
                 2/ Give the kernel hard address and mount by http the

without change as my firsts mails, now on the win server :

   - an extract of my "default" file :
           LABEL Debian 5.0
           MENU LABEL ^1 Debian Live                      5.0
           KERNEL debian5/live/vmlinuz1
           APPEND initrd=debian5/live/initrd1.img
fetch= boot=live

   - on hfs, is a link
to C:\pxe\debian5\live\filesystem.squashfs

The virtual folder "debianfs" on hfs is only there to make it better
placed with other distib's and tools.
I know I can remove the rootfs option, but when i did some tests, it
seemed faster... Or I was to tired ! ;) (15-20min. against 5-6 with)
The last job : make transfert faster ! (more or less at max 10 000 Kb/s
on 100bt link)

Thank you.

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