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Re: Debian live 5 and PXE

mabrothrax wrote:
> Hello!


> I would like to distribute the network an iso Debian live 5 environment
> with PXE. The server contains tftpd32 win, Deamon Tool an HFS. Tftpd32
> first provides an address via DHCP then gPXElinux.0.

you can only use pxe to distribute the kernel and initrd to the clients
(or in your case, when you use gpxelinux, only that bootloader), for the
rootfs you either need to serve the rootfs over nfs (prefered), or over
http (via fetch= parameter; check the archive for webboot and it's

>  - Would you help me ?

at least we try, yes.

> Is this the right place to ask?


>  - Is it possible in this configuration?
>  - If not, what should I change?

see above, you also need to serve the rootfs.


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