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Re: reliability problem

David Cottrill wrote:
> What is the correct way to call the build scripts after changing
> configuration?

depends on what changes you make. whichwever stage is influenced by that
needs to be rebuild.

> Currently I'm using
> lh_clean
> lh_config clean
> lh_config $NEW_OPTIONS
> lh_build

assuming that you don't change options that influence bootstrap stage,
and that you don't select an non-working combination of options
(lh_config will warn you about it if so), this is safe.

(btw, calling lh_config clean before an lh_config defeats the purpose of
running lh_config clean in the first place; but it's no harm, it's just

> Frequently the build fails silently because it hasn't noticed the
> changes made (I assume).

what exactly fails? without a log of the failure, we might not be able
to help you at all.


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