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debirf [was: Re: Debian live 5 and PXE]

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 10:53:04AM +0100, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> mabrothrax wrote:
> > I would like to distribute the network an iso Debian live 5 environment
> > with PXE. The server contains tftpd32 win, Deamon Tool an HFS. Tftpd32
> > first provides an address via DHCP then gPXElinux.0.
> you can only use pxe to distribute the kernel and initrd to the clients
> (or in your case, when you use gpxelinux, only that bootloader), for the
> rootfs you either need to serve the rootfs over nfs (prefered), or over
> http (via fetch= parameter; check the archive for webboot and it's
> limitations).

Hello, debian-live folks.  I have been meaning to bring this up on
this list for long time now, but this discussion is somewhat relevant
so now's as good a time as any...

I believe many people interested in debian-live might also be
interested in debirf, a system for building full-blown Debian systems
that run entirely in RAM:


A debirf image doesn't require a separate rootfs at all.  The debirf
package can be used to build an initramfs that can be used with a
stock Debian kernel.  These two things can be used to boot into a full
Debian system, requiring no disks, via pxe, cd iso, usb, etc.  It's
easy to build the images, and a simple plugin architecture can be used
to tailor the images for any needs.  An included "rescue" profile can
be used to build a image that functions very similarly to RIP [0], but
is of course as extendable as Debian itself is.

Hopefully some people interested in debian-live might also find debirf
interesting.  I'm one of the debirf developers, so please feel free to
contact us with any questions.


[0] http://www.tux.org/pub/people/kent-robotti/looplinux/rip/

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