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Best Use of USB drive capacity?

I am delighted with the customized Debian Live system I have installed
on a usb drive but wonder about the best use of the drive capacity of 4
Gb.  I first used dd to transfer the binary.img to the usb drive and
found most of the drive was free space.  One posting reported creating a
large /home partition to utilize the free space.

On my desktop system I have evolved away from individual partitions for
/var, /etc, /home to one large root partition so these subdirectories
can share the space as needed.  I thought it might be best to do the
same with the usb drive.

I partitioned the usb drive as one large, bootable ext3 partition.
Next I mounted the drive, made a directory boot and installed grub.
Finally I followed the directions to copy vmlinuz1, initrd1.img and
filesystem.squashfs to /boot/live.

The resulting usb drive system boots and runs perfectly but when I
checked the space utilization with df -h I found / was alloted 443 Mb of
which only 1% was used while /live/image was alloted 3.7 Gb of which 17
% was used.

This is clearly not an optimum use of the drive capacity.  Is the dd
transfer and subsequent partitioning of the free space the best
approach?  If not, how should it best be done?


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