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Re: Debian live 5 and PXE

Daniel Baumann wrote :
Daniel Baumann wrote:
rootfs you either need to serve the rootfs over nfs (prefered)

instead of nfs, cifs works as well.

And many hours after... The fallowing !

Many thanks to answer me, it's great to don't feel me "alone"... Yes, I live in a computer's disaster area ! ;-) Ok, I carefully read your answers, your page about (http://blog.daniel-baumann.ch/2007/09/07#20070907_debian-live-web-boot) and a lots of docs more...

Yet with these lines, it doesn't work anymore :
APPEND initrd= live fetch=

It does not with the 20 or 30 other alternatives I tried.
It's really frustrating to say that I'm ready to touch the goal, and it's just missing some arguments that I fail to find! I think the problem is at the gpxelinux.0's level : It's cause I don't find the right way to pass the boot's arguments between gPXElinux.0 and Debian kernel after the boot. Am I right ?
I don't understand, Is HFS use NFS ?
Maybe you could give some examples ?

At the end, I start to say myself "force to switch to linux... look around : SLCD and other run all under GNU/Linux !" :-)

NB : The network test environment is extremely simple:
   switch 1Gb
             my pc on eth1
             switch 100Mb
                       my pc on eth0
                       the win$ server
                      client 1 (desktop)
                      client 2 (laptop)

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