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gconftool-2: custom desktop settings


I want to change some settings of the live-cd desktop and I'm wondering how to do it. I've heard you better do it with gconftool. This is what I want:

1) change desktop theme

2) remove icons from the menu

3) add icons to entries in the menu which don't have an icon

4) remove the top panel

5) add gnome-main-menu to the low panel and some other things like networkmanager, fast user switch etc.

6) add bookmarks to bookmark menu in iceweasel and also to the bookmark toolbar.

7) add a new search engine to iceweasel

8) edit the applications preferences (icedove for email for instance)

Ok.. maybe you know some commands and can tell me. Of course I will search the internet for it myself too.
If you have some good weblinks to good information, please share them.

Kind regards,


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