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Re: reporting live-helper version

Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> Maybe the debian package build could fail if the versions in these files
> differ, so that you don't forget again. :)

22:32:01 < panthera> terceiro: just saw it.. <thinking>
22:36:10 < panthera> terceiro: now i know why i was hesitating.. that
would break backports.
22:36:30 < panthera> terceiro: for backports, one would use e.g.
22:36:39 < panthera> aeh
22:36:55 < panthera> rather: 1.2.3-4 (debian) would become 1.2.3-4~bpo5+1
22:37:08 < terceiro> panthera: hm
22:37:15 < panthera> so, in these cases the backport would also need to
touch functions/common.sh
                     which is kind of unfortunate.
22:37:23 < terceiro> yep
22:37:24 < panthera> imho, the whole thing is broken anyway
22:37:35 < panthera> i mean, having the version in there.
22:37:39 < terceiro> yeah
22:38:10 < panthera> but any alternatives have not been better
22:38:16 < panthera> (havent though of it much though)
22:38:28 < terceiro> we could remove ~.* from versions
22:38:39 < terceiro> so backports have no problem
22:39:03 < terceiro> the point is making sure the versions are in sync
22:49:55 < lamby> I did a similar thing once with another package, but I
took it out after I realised it would break binNMUs and generally
everybody rebuilding your package with a changed version

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