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Re: How to report boot problems, and how to solve them?

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 4:13 PM, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:
Michael Creel wrote:

Thanks for your comments about those cases. They're just examples of the type of situations that could generate useful information if a reasonably convenient means of reporting could be put in place.

in newer versions of live-initramfs though, live-initramfs is presenting
a error message about reporting a bug when it cannot find the rootfs or
panics otherwise.

Would it be possible upon a boot failure for live-initramfs to offer information such as the kernel version, etc., etc., that might be useful for bug reports? If this could be printed to screen in screen-sized pieces, with pauses in between, at least it would be possible to take photos. I'm just trying to figure out a way to get the information into the hands of the people who know what to do with it.

> If some system for reporting boot failures can be set up, I would
> encourage PelicanHPC users to submit reports to it. If I can get a
> description of what information would be useful, I can at least let
> people know that they should try to gather it.

we'd like to get all bug reports as bugs against the live-initramfs (or
live-helper if it's a build issue) packages in the debian bug tracking

The reports that I see are usually for released versions of PelicanHPC that have had some (not a lot) testing on several hardware configurations. What is often not clear to me is whether the problem is a kernel/hardware issue, or a live-initramfs issue. Since the releases are known to work with a number of hardware configurations, I suppose that most problems are due to special hardware issues. I don't know how to identify these problems as kernel/hardware issues, or live-initramfs issues. If a release works well on a variety of hardware, does that mean that live-initramfs problems can be ruled out?

Thanks, Michael

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