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Bug#511247: Debian mixed testing/unstable, apt.conf, Default-Release, live-helper sequence;

tags 511247 +pending

schoappied wrote:
> [13:29] <SynrG> /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99default-release
> [13:29] <SynrG> then we'd be fine
> [13:29] <lamby> Why can't you do that via includes?
> [13:29] <SynrG> because the sequence is:
> [13:29] <SynrG> lh_chroot_apt
> [13:29] <lamby> Hah, of course. :)
> [13:29] <SynrG> lh_chroot_local-packages

currently, it makes more sense to just allow custom apt.conf handling
like the already existing preferences handling, which i've commited in git.

you can now use/ship your own apt.conf that will be used automatically
if placed in config/chroot_apt/apt.conf.


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