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Bug#511247: Debian mixed testing/unstable, apt.conf, Default-Release, live-helper sequence;

Package: live-helper

Version: 1.0.2-2

We can't build a Debian testing/ unstable mixed system with just the /etc/apt/apt.conf file with this line:

APT::Default-Release "testing";

Discussion from IRC #debian-live:

[13:27] <lamby> But we cannot use apt.conf (ie. Default-Release) as it requires the wrong type. And live-helper messes with it incorrectly if I read the scrollback correctly (which is a bug). [13:28] <SynrG> lamby: but lh_chroot_apt has no provision for arbitrary additional apt.conf.d material :P
[13:28] <SynrG> if it did, we'd be ok
[13:28] <SynrG> we could use Default-Release here
[13:28] <SynrG> the line i posted to the list won't work only because we cannot automatically set this to LH_DISTRIBUTION [13:28] <SynrG> but if we could provide our own /etc/apt/conf.d/99default-release
[13:29] <SynrG> er
[13:29] <SynrG> /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99default-release
[13:29] <SynrG> then we'd be fine
[13:29] <lamby> Why can't you do that via includes?
[13:29] <SynrG> because the sequence is:
[13:29] <SynrG> lh_chroot_apt
[13:29] <lamby> Hah, of course. :)
[13:29] <SynrG> lh_chroot_local-packages
[13:29] <lamby> Please file this is a bug.
[13:30] <SynrG> lh_chroot_local-includes
[13:30] <SynrG> :P

from man apt.conf:

Default release to install packages from if more than one version available. Contains release name or release version. Examples: ´stable´, ´testing´, ´unstable´, ´4.0´, ´5.0*´. Release codenames (´etch´, ´lenny´ etc.) are not allowed
          now. See also apt_preferences(5).

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