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Re: framebuffer console support for different video cards.

Chris Jones wrote:
> Hope I'm not double-posting .. I have a feeling the list was down over
> the Xmas holiday..? 

no downtime of lists.debian.org that i'm aware of (or any that was
announced on debian-infrastructure-announce).

> Since the generic framebuffer console vga driver does not support my
> LCD's native 1400x1050 resolution, I was wondering if there was any way
> I could add a custom kernel image with the relevant options enabled.

no chance that the options you are looking for can be enabled with a
boot parameter?

> How would I go about doing this with debian live?

there are some information in the wiki or the manual about adding a
custom kernel when you're *not* using .debs. if you use debs, which you
really should (by either using the python foo that linux-2.6 packages
use, or by using kernel-package), then you can just drop them into local
packages (including the squashfs and aufs modules), and be done with it.

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