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Re: Next Debian Live Lenny Beta/RC release?

On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 01:34:23PM +0100, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> > Hi,
> > may I ask when are new builds of the Lenny LiveCD expected?
> first of all: all my fault, i apologize, had too much of other things to
> do and didn't wanted to release beta2 before some particular things are
> fixed. it will hopefully be fixed by releasing beta2 earliest on thusday
> evening/night, and at latest on saturday.
> > For the Gnome flavor, may I suggest to remove openoffice.org. This is more than enough to bring the size of the image under 700 MB (on a rough counting I estimated its total size as >60 MB) and it isn't a Gnome package, and it isn't included in the Xfce and KDE images either. Actually I wonder how it got pulled in, because while I didn't dig deeply into the dependency tree, Gnome doesn't seem to require it.
> it's not gnome or kde, but gnome-desktop and kde-desktop, which referes
> not to the meta-packages, but to the tasks. and there, openoffice.org is
> included. i personally think that we should not drop openoffice.org per
> se, it's a major selling point - roughly half of all debian system that
> report their package selection through popcon have it installed.

Because it's installed by default (on just about any non-server system) 
and nobody bothers removing it?

(That said, sadly tend to agree with both sides here: I do find OO.o
very useful personally, though I'm not really sure if it worth the extra
space it takes)

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