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Next Debian Live Lenny Beta/RC release?

may I ask when are new builds of the Lenny LiveCD expected?

Back in August when Beta1 was released, it was announced that a second beta would follow in a couple of weeks, but that didn't happen, and there has been no further announcement either (unless I missed it). I've seen that new builds (without a Beta2 or otherwise official label) were made available on live.debian.net on November 21, but the Gnome and KDE flavors still suffer of being too large to fit within a CD. (I tried the Xfce flavor and you might like to know that it seems to work fine on my computer, while the Beta1 build for some reason couldn't even boot.)

For the Gnome flavor, may I suggest to remove openoffice.org. This is more than enough to bring the size of the image under 700 MB (on a rough counting I estimated its total size as >60 MB) and it isn't a Gnome package, and it isn't included in the Xfce and KDE images either. Actually I wonder how it got pulled in, because while I didn't dig deeply into the dependency tree, Gnome doesn't seem to require it.

Anyway, thanks to you all for your work.


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