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Bug#497561: live-initramfs: mount-call in scripts/init-bottom/udev has wrong syntax

On Monday 15 December 2008, 02:47:49, Daniel Baumann wrote:

> Marco,
> could you comment on this one?

live-initramfs currently does not include util-linux-ng "mount" as the 
inspection of "hooks/live" could show. (You could also inspect the generated 
initrd to have a look). It includes the klibc version of mount and this only 
because initramfs-tools does include it.

The incriminated file in "scripts/init-bottom" does not belong to 
live-initramfs so we cannot do anything it seems to resolve this bug other 
than manually patching the generated initrd, but this seems not our duty and 
it is bad and ugly.

Or I missed the point completetly so please someone gently let us know better 
this issue.


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