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Re: can't find chroot/boot/initrd

Marcos Guglielmetti wrote:
> Hi Folks


> ardour-gtk is not on debian lenny, not any ardour*

fixed in git, thanks.

side note: aparently some lists that were supplied by users are not
properly maintained/used. i'll have a look at them and will remove them
after lenny. if you supply a package list for inclusion, it's ment to be
used and watched for changes by you. that addresses studio* and junior*
list mainly.

>  lh_config --bootappend-live "locale=es_ES.utf8 keyb=es"
>  lh_config --packages "jamin jackd audacious gamix gnome-alsamixer 
> mrxvt"
> lh_config --mirror-bootstrap "ftp://ftp.ccc.uba.ar/pub/linux/debian/debian"; --mirror-chroot "ftp://ftp.ccc.uba.ar/pub/linux/debian/debian";

first of all, please always do everything in one lh_config call only.
it's not relevant in that particular options above, but in general, some
options are dependent on others and there wouldn't result in proper
defaults for the other, unspecified values.

> This gives me an error: 
> It can't find chroot/boot/initrd
> (because there is no chroot/* at all!)

did you call lh_build after your lh_config calls above? if so, what is
the *complete* log of that. and ware you using most recent live-helper


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