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Re: Debian Live with installer takes too much time to load at bootup

Padma wrote:
> I have customized Debian live with installer with the help of
> live-helper. It works fine but at boot up time it takes 5 min to load
> the CD.I have use grub bootloader.

what takes 5 minutes, booting d-i from the cd or the live session?
you're aware that booting live systems from optical medias is pretty
slow due to big seek time of those? also, check that your hardware isn't
the bottleneck (slow cdrom drive, scratched/hardly readable discs, less
than 128mb ram, very slow cpu...).

> So what is the possible ways to reduce bootup time for my customized
> Debian live CD?

remove/disable unecessary services from sysvinit and/or use an usb stick

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