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Re: live media scan order


> So what was my lesson from there? I think the sanest scan order would
> be to try first the media which we just "booted from", meaning where we
> got the initrd (and/or the kernel) from. But I have no clue how to find
> out that (the kernel should know though). And still, this won't cover
> all use cases.
> I have the feeling that a boot parameter might help here, since
> different users will have different needs.

My use case looks a little different:
My users (http://www.imedias.ch/lernstick) have both a live DVD and a USB 
flash drive. Whenever possible (i.e. the BIOS of the machine in front of you 
permits) they boot from USB flash drive. Unfortunately, there are still many 
machines out there which can not boot from USB flash drive. In this case they 
insert both the DVD and the USB flash drive, the machine boots from DVD but 
picks up the system image from USB. The DVD is just a startup helper and the 
users still enjoy the speed of USB. (Until now the lernstick system is still 
based on Knoppix but I am in the middle of moving to Debian Live and want to 
keep this feature...)



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