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Re: more debian-installer hooks - half done

On Wednesday 22 October 2008, 09:11:29, Marco Amadori wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 October 2008, 00:14:19, Chris Lamb wrote:
> > > or a separate config/binary_debian-installer-includes to work as other
> > > -includes, files with full path to be included in the initrd
> >  * We already have -includes directories, so the concept is familiar.

Implemented in git, just fresh merged by daniel.

> >    A hooks directory could thus complement the aforementioned includes
> >    directory - the semantics of this directory are obvious, which smells
> >    good IMO.

> config/binary_debian-installer-hooks ?

> I'll work on the -includes, do you have time to implement (after -includes,
> like the other hooks) this hook part?

I did not applied to this yet, I have still some WIP to finish live-initramfs 
side, someone have some use case/spare time to implement that missing part?


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