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integrity check

Hi all,
since the "integrity-check" boot options does not work (#507477), while I'm 
looking at a fix for it I wonder if it makes sense how it is intended to work 
at all.

As intended now, it checks via md5sum the content of the media (e.g the cd) 
and then it reboots in any case after 60 seconds from the end. The standard 
input and output are redirected to vt8 without swithching to it, so if one 
does not know this, they are not shown at all.

Is this the correct behaviour in your opinion?

I propose:

1. Let it work as intended but just skip the reboot phase, that way it will 
just check md5sum before doing a normal boot, maybe telling the user to 
switch to VT8 in order to check the results.

2. Do the reboot only in case of md5sum success, but display md5sum 
information on video, and drop to a busybox in case of errors to look the 
failed files. This to have a permanent boot option, like "memtest86+" only to 
check cd integrity. To handle that case I suggest to move the integrity check 
before mounting the rootfs in order to speed up things.

3. Other options, please elaborate.

P.S. to fix as it should work now, I prepared a simple commit.

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