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Configuration Question

Hey Guys --

I love Debian Live so far, but there are a few things that I am having
trouble with --

I am trying to configure ISOLinux. So far I have not found how to do
it the "Nice way", and have resorted to editing the template in the
host filesystem. Works, but it is a kludge.

Can anyone tell me how to work binary_syslinux the nice way?

Also, I would like to remove files that are created by default ( in
this case apache2's index.html ). Yes I could edit the default page to
not include html, but I would like to keep this clean.

Default user configuration is also a minor point of contention, I
would like to disable autologin, and create my own user password, as
well as root password.

Cheers, and Thanks,
Paul Tagliamonte

paultag on freenode

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