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RE: "BOOT FAILED!" with a live-rw partition (ext2 and ext3 tested)

This would be SWEET and I could see a PERFECT use for something like

PXE boot a base 30MB Live image then as needed, download and add the
different Live Systems you need/want to be mounted.  This would save on
network bandwidth as well as give some flexibility to clients with OLDER
hardware which have problems running a FULL say, KDE or GNOME
environment along with OpenOffice and other utilities.

It may take time but I am sure the Live team will see some quite a few
uses for this type of scenario.

-Stephen  AKA Screwba

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Subject: "BOOT FAILED!" with a live-rw partition (ext2 and ext3 tested)

I get

Remounting /dev/sdb2 ro on /cow failed

and a prompt (initramfs) when trying to boot with "persistent" and a
partition named "live-rw".

cat /live.log gives

mount: mounting /dev/sdb2 on /cow failed: Device or resource busy

the list of mounts includes

/root (aufs)
/root/live (tmpfs)

So it seems some script is trying to mount /cow twice. Just exiting the
shell with Ctrl-d (twice) works, and then the boot goes well. This is a
bit annoying of course.

Kind regards,

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