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Re: No such file or directory reported by df

On Wednesday 19 November 2008, 04:10:15, T o n g wrote:

> df: `/001-base.squashfs': No such file or directory
> df: `/002-vars.squashfs': No such file or directory

look at /proc/mounts, df looks at /etc/mtab which is still misaligned and 
manually crafted.

> In my /live directory, there are 2 files, 001-base.squashfs & 002-
> vars.squashfs, no filesystem.module, since I saw that it is optional,
> without which images are loaded in alphanumeric order.

Yes, as live-initramfs manual page should say, it orders all supported file 
images alphabetically if no default module or the boot parameter module= is 
not present.

mmm, the good side effect of this mtab bug is the confirm that the whole 
multiple filesystem thing ("stackable fs" dev buzzword) still works, even if 
not tested since a looooot of time, good to hear :-)

Nice times when I had time to add those plentiful of poor tested features 
which nobody at the moment where requesting but which some years later 
someone wants, it must be related to the fun comes often from creativity and 
that real creativity needs lazyness (it: ozio). :-)


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