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Re: live-initramfs can not write to NFS writable exports

Javier Sánchez wrote:
> Hi list,


first some general things (which are not related to your problem,
nevertheless i'd like to point them out)...

> i have a server debian etch,  kernel is <> with
> patches i use, i installed and configured dhcp3 and tftp-hpa.

2.6.19 is not supported by debian, if you have not particulary strong
reasons to use excately that version, please try to use either 2.6.18 or
2.6.24 from etch-n-half.

> i want to have diskless nodes, so i use debootstrap to build a
> subirectory for the nodes and installed my custom kernel.
> debootstrap --arch i386  --include=passwd,procps,etc... --variant
> minbase etch /nodes_system/live/fs.dir
> I installed live-initramfs at nodes (from lenny repository).

although it should still work in most cases to install and use
live-initramfs in etch systems, we recommend to use lenny these days.

> The strange thing is that if i wake up the nodes without the boot=live
> option (see below) i can write to my /nfs_shared folder ¿?¿?

if you boot regulary, you don't use aufs. aufs has problems with nfs.
also see http://juliank.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/aufs-20081023-1/


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