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Live + installer + Usb key


I just started to learn live-helper and I love it ! ;) And when I asked
questions in #debian-live, I got friendly answers !


I have a 2Gib USB key that I would like to use as following :

* Live system bootable as rescue system _and_ full persistant storage
        * Demo'ing Debian and KDE4
        * Rescue'ing servers with b0rken RAID/LVM/mdadm/whatever
        * Reboot'ing Windows machines under a friendly and Universal OS
                - up-to-date system [persistance]
                - view and edit stuff [ditto]

* Graphical installer
        * After demo'ing and convincing
        * After failed rescue'ing :(
        * Hijack Windows machines

* Multi-OS storage

        * Windows XP/Vista, MacOS and obviously GNU/Linux

For now, I succeeded in having a binary.img with KDE4, splashy, insserv, but
I failed to get the persistance...

Ultimately, I would like to have an installer (sic) that would detect the
size of the USB and partition it accordingly.

Has this already been tried/succeeded ? Any hints to reach the multiple
goals ? Would this be of any other interest than mine ?

I think that such a USB key could be sort of an ultimate tool to demonstrate
the fantastic capabilities of Debian (as an OS and as a project). Maybe
s/KDE4/<insert your favorite desktop>/g ;)

Best regards, 

OdyX, aka Didier Raboud

Swisslinux.org − Le carrefour GNU/Linux en Suisse −

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