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Live-snapshot questions

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I have two questions wrt to live-snapshot (well, two-and-a-half :)

All is with a fairly recent live toolset on Lenny:

  ii  live-helper    1.0.1-1        Debian Live build scripts
  ii  live-initramfs 1.139.1-3      Debian Live initramfs hook

 (1) I'm trying to use a cpio.gz snapshot. To this end, I created one, put
   it on a block device (actually a partition on an USB stick). This
   file is called live-sn.cpio.gz. I also put a second one there,
   home-sn.cpio.gz (but see my second question).

   On boot of the live system all is fine. Problem arises when trying to
   refresh the snapshot: in /etc/live.conf I see something like:


   The first field of the colon-separated entries should be the name of
   the COW directory, which in my system is /live/cow (and not root). If
   I change the entry in /etc/live.conf to read


   all works as expected (i.e. "sudo live-snapshot --refresh" writes out
   the cpio archive with all the changes).

   Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a buglet somewhere?

 (2) Do I have to do anything special to have separate "live" and "home"
   snapshots? As far as I can see, there is only one COW directory
   mounted over / -- so any changes (included those in /home) would land
   in live-sn. But I must be missing something, right?

 (3) Now to the half-question: I would like to take another kind of
   snapshots: rsync snapshots over the net. Would there be interest in
   it? Would it make sense to provide some hook magic, to not have all
   the snapshot machinery built in? Ideas?

- -- tomás
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