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Re: problems with ip-config in live-initramfs

Le dim 12 oct 2008 20:39:13 CEST, Joseph Rawson <umeboshi3@gmail.com> a
écrit :

> I have been using the net images a lot, and I have been experiencing 
> intermittent problems when the ipconfig is being run.  The init process 
> always pauses at this point, often for a minute or so.  I've noticed that if 
> it pauses for longer than a couple of minutes, it will stay paused there 
> forever.
> Using the debug option to the kernel makes matters even worse.  While it puts 
> more info into the live.log file, while booting, the debug information is 
> hidden from the output, making debug less informative than having it off.  In 
> the circumstances where the init process stalls, the debug option is entirely 
> useless (unless there's a way to invoke a shell at that point.  I don't know 
> how to do that).
> I'd like to be able to fix this problem.  Can anybody tell me what to do about 
> it?

About the debug option, make sure you're using latest live-helper and
live-initramfs packages : the 'debug' behaviour has changed, and now
debug output is also sent to stdout (I use debug=whatyouwant as kernel
command line parameter, but I think 'debug' lonely should be enough).

About ipconfig, I'm experiencing the same problem : if it fails, you
can't do anything but reboot...


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