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Bug#500740: Some variables don't default correctly

> can you *please* show *exactely* how you construct a situation where
> this can happen (withouth manual ovveride). also see #490290.

Let me state once again that we are *not* using the lh_config script, but
building the config directory with our own script[1].

Our script does not set all of the LH_* variables, but lets lh_build
default a number of values.  Lh_build is clearly designed to allow this,
but has a number of bugs that make it to default values incorrectly.

LH_INITRAMFS is defaulted incorrectly because of the ``else'' at line 130
of defaults.sh.

LH_LINUX_PACKAGES is defaulted incorrectly because of incorrect quoting at
line 448 of defaults.sh.



[1] In case you're into that kind of thing, it is available on


    Beware, it's buggy right now.

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