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Re: Building and using Debian Live

Il venerdì 03 ottobre 2008 19:38:21 T o n g ha scritto:

> - persistent home is also supported. How can I do that?

simply label a partition or an image file of a partition "home-rw".

> - ext2/3 filesystem are also supported. I know the ext2/3 filesystem
> found in the "/live" directory will be mounted read-only. However, if I
> loop mount the filesystem else where and update some contents, will the
> new update reflect in the aufs root?

If is is a squashfs you cannot play like that, in other case, yes.

> Also, can I use an ext2/3 filesystem image file as the RW branch of the
> aufs root?

Yes, but that is supported only in git code, not yet released in unstable.

I will reply to your previous mail in another moment.


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