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Re: Net (PXE) boot from a two interfaces computer

Le mer 01 oct 2008 16:28:57 CEST, Andreas Teuchert <ant+dl@hsg-kl.de> a
écrit :

> Hello,
> as I had the same problem, I wrote a script which tries to find the
> first NIC which has a cable plugged in and uses it to get an address via
> DHCP. For me it works (two NICs, one with cable, one without). If you
> want to use it, you have to put it in the initramfs under
> scripts/init-premount. But don't ask me how to do that if you don't
> build your chroot by copying your host system.
> Maybe this script could be included into the official Debian-Live, but
> as it actually is a very dirty hack right now (it rewrites other parts
> of the initramfs for example), I doubt this will happen soon. However I
> put it into the attachment. Maybe it will help you a bit.

	Hello Andreas,

  I've tested your script and adapted a bit, it works well and solves
my problem :-) You'll find my version attached.
  I've still one thing I don't understand : what is "blacklist" and
"ps3" pre-requisites to this script ?
  About 'udevsettle', I think it's useless as the prereq gives udev
script which already do it.

  I've found in initramfs's init script the way to give back the real
Ethernet DEVICE (in /conf/param.conf), so this script don't touch live
script and should be also correct for standard initramfs-tools.


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