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Re: Net (PXE) boot from a two interfaces computer

On Tuesday 30 September 2008 04:17:39 Frédéric BOITEUX wrote:
> 	Hello,
>   I'm trying to boot a Debian Live system from network (with PXE) on a
> PC with 2 ethernet interfaces. It doesn't work because the bootable
> ethernet interface (only one of the two) is recognized as 'eth1' by
> udev, the other one as 'eth0', so the Debian Live system send
> its DHCP request (to configure it, then mounting its filesystem by NFS)
> on the wrong interface (it isn't connected).
>   How can I do to use always the same Ethernet interface during the
> whole boot process ?
> 	Fred.

This problem may go back to the initramfs tools.  The regular initramfs 
initrd's support mounting an nfsroot, but they also don't always use the same 
interface as the one that's picked up over pxe.  I remember having this 
problem in sarge using the regular initrd's.

I know this isn't much help.  I just wanted to say that this probem is 
probably not peculiar to debian live, and it extends back to initramfs.  So 
if y'all figure out the problem, it might be nice to pass it on to the 
initramfs developers.

I never figured out how to fix the problem.  My solution was really ugly.  I 
just unhooked the cable to one interface and attached it to the other.  It 
worked, but I would've liked a proper solution.  I never got the time to go 
digging through it.

(lol, it seems that using the word "attached" in this mail caused kmail to 
believe that this mail has an attachment, and it just warned me about 
it. :) )

Joseph Rawson

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