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Re: building root filesystem image killed

Hans Ekbrand wrote:

> [=======                                                                                      ]
> 6183/72751   8%/usr/share/live-helper/functions/chroot.sh: line 13: 11939
> Killed                  ${LH_ROOT_COMMAND} chroot chroot /usr/bin/env -i
> This box has not much RAM (40 MB) and a swap partition of 100MB, might
> that be why the process was killed?

Extremely likely. "Killed" suggests it was OOM killed; check 'dmesg' to

> Suppose I increase the swap available to the OS, can I then retry only
> the last step (the step that failed above), or do I have to restart
> the lh_build process from the beginning?

As this occured in the binary stage, you can just do:

 % lh_clean --binary
 % lh_binary


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