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Debian Live Lenny Beta1

Ian Jackson wrote:
> There is an advantage to having a smaller image in that it can fit on
> a small size CD or maybe a smaller flash disk or something, and is
> easier to download and manage, and of course that it will be much
> longer before it bloats to be too big :-).

i'm all-in for a 'rescue-mini' (small cd) and a 'rescue' (full cd) list
- just propose the package lists and i'm gratefully add and autobuild them!

> I'll take a look and get back to you.

thanks in advance, very much appreciated.

> Would it be helpful of me to run a poll on debian-devel or even
> debian-user to see what people's favourite toys are ?

sure, please go ahead.

> One of mine would be gpg :-).

i think gnupg is already pulled in by default (aka the standard image;
undless you turn off secure-apt handling), but there's no point in not
listing it explicitely for the rescue list/lists.

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