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Debian Live Lenny Beta1

Daniel Baumann writes ("Re: Debian Live Lenny Beta1"):
> I feelt that the rescue package list is not really 'complete' yet, as a
> resulting image can/should use the full cdrom size (with reasonable
> packages though, not random junk :).

There is an advantage to having a smaller image in that it can fit on
a small size CD or maybe a smaller flash disk or something, and is
easier to download and manage, and of course that it will be much
longer before it bloats to be too big :-).

But yes it should be up to several hundred Mb probably.

> Additionally, having to do yet another *initial* upload for another
> flavour would have cost me like another half of a day delay in getting
> the release out. I plan to upload new snapshots beginning next week,
> these should be syncing quite fast now, thanks to rsync, so that the
> additional rescue flavour should be present from then on.

Right.  Yay.

> Since there are a lot of
> rescue/forensic/backup/security/network-diagnose like packages in debian
> which nobody can all know, the most appreciated thing would be to get
> additions/updates for the following file in the live-helper sources to
> make it as good as possible:
> http://git.debian.net/?p=live-helper.git;a=blob;f=lists/rescue

I'll take a look and get back to you.

Would it be helpful of me to run a poll on debian-devel or even
debian-user to see what people's favourite toys are ?

One of mine would be gpg :-).


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