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RFC: Roadmap to Lenny, or announcing Lenny Beta 1 RSN

Chris Lamb wrote:

> Here are a list of issues affecting Debian Live that I think should be
> fixed or investigated before Lenny.

I forgot:

 * Syslinux bootup issue - the boot template is displayed with the Debian
   logo but the the text is cut off:

      "Press F1 for help, or ENTER to"

   It should, obviously, append "boot:" and allow the user to press enter or
   enter parameters, etc.

   I don't know the full details and this may actually be two issues, but:

   1.  I can easily reproduce this with Qemu. Simply waiting about 60 seconds
       results in the boot menu appearing. I have heard of other workarounds
       (including setting a high screen resolution) which do not cause the
       symptoms to appear.

       IIRC KiBi and aurel32 were discussing this issue and were blaming a
       change in Qemu, however:

   2.  I've had a report of this issue appearing on a "first generation Santa
       Rosa" (Intel-based) MacBook, with and without the refit bootloader.
       Waiting does not seem to do anything, but Qemu's concept of "time"
       doesn't seem to correlate with the real world anyway.

   Are these the same issue, or should this MacBook issue be investigated


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