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RFC: Roadmap to Lenny, or announcing Lenny Beta 1 RSN

Daniel Baumann wrote:

> For Debian Live, I'm propose the following roadmap:

Looks all good.

> If I'm missing something, please directly add it there (or reply to this
> mail explaining it if you think it needs to be discussed first).

Here are a list of issues affecting Debian Live that I think should be fixed
or investigated before Lenny. Ignoring the live-installer entry, they all
affect packages out of our "direct" control.

 * live-installer not installing with some d-i options -- I didn't hear about
   this until today (and have not seen it with my tests). Daniel, could you
   file a bug for this with the details you know, even if you don't have
   exact reproducing steps?

 * 2.6.26 -- KiBi did a *great* job with aufs/2.6.25 issues (#493184) and
   this particular issue is closed and migrated to lenny. However, I think we
   will need to test this and related things with 2.6.26 when that is forced
   into testing (ETA today or tomorrow).

 * apt (#495321) -- This is actually a cosmetic bug but it makes live-magic
   image builds really ugly - we log the build by default to avoid tagging
   bugs with moreinfo. I had a go at hacking this on the weekend, but I
   don't know really anything low-level about apt or terminals.


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