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Bug#494640: live-helper: Doesn't follow APT_RECOMMENDS settings in lh_chroot_sources

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 9:03 PM, Chris Lamb <chris at chris-lamb.co.uk> wrote:

> tags 494640 + pending
> thanks
> Jeremy wrote:
> > I don't believe I was missing any script because I first got this problem
> > when running lh_chroot, then lh_binary.  However, I was doing many
> retries
> > (mostly lh_build) on it previously, with only a lh_clean --purge in
> > between.
> First, thank you for your detailed report. I must also apologise for
> accusing you of omitting a call (!) -- lh_binary does not call
> lh_chroot_apt.
> I can also confirm the behaviour you describe.
> (In fact, lh_binary cannot call lh_chroot_apt because the binary stages
> must
> have a different apt_preferences(5) configuration than the chroot stage to
> handle chroot_local-packages correctly.)
> I've committed a change to live-helper in Git which fixes this issue.
> Regards,
> --
> Chris Lamb, UK
> chris at chris-lamb.co.uk
>                                                            GPG: 0x634F9A20

Thanks so much for replying so promptly and fixing it so quickly.
You don't need to apologize, there was a chance I didn't know what was going
Thanks for the live-helper project,
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