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[Patch] Fixes and features about live-initramfs

> Steven Shiau wrote:
>> > Hi,
> Hi,
> a general note: please make our lives easier by sending individual patch
> files for each change. this way, merging/applying them is much easier
> (most easiest ist though to directly merge from a git tree of yours).
Sorry, my bad. Will do that if I submit another patch in the future.
>> > I modified some in live-initramfs to make it work with
>> > fetch=tftp://$IP/@FILE
> nice. this also requires tftp client to be installed in the initramfs,
> though (which i've added in the commit after the merge).
> also, your patch was slightly imperfect wrt/ to threatening the [
> "${quiet}" != "y" ] stanzas, and you should use '' for sed when not
> having variables inside the substitution, not "":
> bad: FOO="$(echo ${BAR} | sed "s|foo|bar|")"
> good: FOO="$(echo ${BAR} | sed 's|foo|bar|')"
> i changed both of these in the commit.
Thanks for telling me this. Will follow your advice.

>> > And about fixes:
>> > 1. Make the shared libraries in /root/lib and /root/usr/lib can be
>> > accessed in initramfs
> what is the reason/use-case for that? why do we need that?

The reason to do so is actually for the PATH in scripts/live, since 
there is:
If some exe file in /root/usr/{bin,sbin} is run, and it's not static 
linking, we need those *.so in /root/lib or /root/usr/lib. I found this 
problem when I used live-helper and live-initramfs to create a Ubuntu 
8.10 live CD.

>> > 2. In upstart, to run it is using "exec", not "respawn".
>> > For example, in /etc/event.d/tty1, it's:
>> > exec /sbin/getty 38400 tty1
> still, this won't work in debian. have you tried it? it gives a message
> about not having found exec.
I did try it, but I tried it in Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04. With this patch, 
it works for Ubuntu. I think we should find a better solution for this 
to work with Debian.
>> > Another minor fix is about using udevsettle or "udevadm settle" in
>> > scripts/live-helpers.
> merged.

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