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How to specify the binary.img size ?

I found the tip here :

Translation (with my so bad english):
# with fdisk, note the count of cylinder of /dev/sdb1
# create /dev/sdb2 type 0x83 with the same count of cylinders at the end 
of the free space
# save the partition table
# Copy the partition : dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=/dev/sdb2
# remove sdb1
# with cfdisk create again the first partition /dev/sdb1 de type 0x0b 
(FAT32) usinf the whole free space
# enable the bootable flag for /dev/sdb2
# save and quit
# format the first partition: mkfs.vfat -F 32 -n DOCUMENTS /dev/sdb1

Now the first partition (data) can be written with :
windows (w$ :-) )
debian live

I've override ${REAL_DIM}
So I can add or remove packages, the image size should be always the 
same. (I'm working on this)
So, I hope to update my usb stick without erasing all the partitions


Chris Lamb wrote:
> David Hautbois wrote:
> (Please don't CC me, I am subscribed to the list)
>> method 1 (2 partitions) -> better
>> w$ only mount the first partition
>> So
>> sdb1 -> data
>> sdb2 -> live
> I'm not sure this is possible with syslinux, and might involve chainloading
> two syslinux instances. (What is "w$"?)
>> method 2 (1big partition)
>> restore binary.img (400Mb) to the whole space (8Gb)
>> dd creates a partition with the same size of binary.img.
> There are at least two ways of doing this:
>  * Modify lh_binary_usb-hdd and override ${REAL_DIM} before dd is called to
>    be the size of the target disk. The units are in multiples of 1024k. A
>    patch that turned this into a real LH_ config variable (which defaulted to
>    "autodetected" or something) would be interesting to see.
>  * Create the partition, mount the binary.img loopback and copy the contents
>    to the partition. Make sure the partition is bootable and lba is off. Then
>    run:
>       cat /usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin > /dev/XXX
>    where XXX is the name of the "raw" block device (minus any partition
>    numbers).
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