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initramfs being created without udev

Juergen Fiedler wrote:
> Right now, when I create a new CD, I get the following errors when
> trying to boot from it:

right now as in 'with sid and live-initramfs 1.136.1-1'?

> Is there another way to work around that issue?

install live-initramfs 1.136.1-1 into the chroot and rebuild the binary.

> And more generally: Is
> there a good way to add additional  software and other customizations
> to the initramfs?

no. basically, one should not do anything in initramfs unless explicitly
required, such as mounting the rootfs. everything else, including most
parts of what live-initramfs is doing in scripts/live-bottom, should be
done in real userspace (sysvinit).

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