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Username format


During our tests, we found a problem during the boot of a live.

The option --username permit to change the "classic user" name. But as
in "adduser" it can't contains upcases. If it does, with syslinux the
live don't boot at all (cause an error occur on the user creation)

So I'm wondering something before purpose a patch : 

 * Must debian-live handle this ?
if it does:
 * Must I try to make respect the NAME_REGEX or only upcase/downcase ?
 * Must I try to warn user and change upcase to downcase (with tr for
example) ?
 * Can I put this treatment in lh_config or in lh_binary_grub,
lh_binary_syslinux, and others ?

I'm able to write and give this patch but I prefer do it in the right
way :)


Erwan Le Gall

Groupe LINAGORA - http://linagora.com
T?l : +33 1 58 18 68 28 / fax : +33 1 58 18 68 29

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