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lh_config question

On Tuesday 10 June 2008, 22:21:41, Daniel Baumann wrote:

> Marco Amadori wrote:
> > Yes, I put it there because I think it was wanted, since  ${LH_CONFFILE}
> > is sourced just below.

> the idea is to have the system-wide defaults to be used, but as soon as
> any custom conffile, any existing config/* or any parameter for the same
> variable is given, it will be overwritten.

I agree for config/*, which should be the results of the configuration process 
and I find that should as it is now, override system wide defaults. 

> this is the way of least 
> surprise.

I do not agree for command line parameters, it will really surprise me if I 
specify both a conffile and a custom parameter via command line option and 
the latter will be overruled by the config file.

I think also that LH_CONFFILE should be moved above although below config/* 


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