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lh_config question

On Tuesday 10 June 2008 19:00:39 Juergen Fiedler wrote:

> In HEAD, it looks like ${SYSTEM_LH_CONFFILE} and ${LH_CONFFILE} are
> read after Local_arguments "${@}" is called (which happens after the
> local conf files are sourced). Would that not make the system defaults
> override the command line options and the local configuration?

Yes, I put it there because I think it was wanted, since  ${LH_CONFFILE} is 
sourced just below.

Then I saw the latest Daniel's commit, which moved only ${SYSTEM_LH_CONFFILE} 
above, so now I'm completely lost and confused. Or both above or both below, 
or specifying a conffile manually will override other options as you stated. 

Between bugs and undocumented features often the line is narrow.

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