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Bug#485587: The option "toram" in boot append doesn't work in live-initramfs package

Package: live-initramfs
Version: 1.132.1-1

I build a live-cd with live-helper and I boot with "toram" option in boot 
append. If there are enough RAM to load the cd into it, we arrive in busybox.
In live.log I found : 
mount: invalid option --

I found a way to correct it before live-cd generation. I modify scripts/live 
in initrd. 
At line 644, replace :
"mount -r --move ${copyto} ${copyfrom}"
"mount -r -o move ${copyto} ${copyfrom}"

I am using debian lenny, kernel  2.6.24-1-686 

Thanks ;)

Thibault Cohen

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