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Pb Validating release.gpg


I am trying to use Live-helper scripts from a Debian Lenny Live CD and I
have this pb:

After issuing :

lhconfig --apt-recommends disabled --bootstrap-flavour minimal
--linux-flavours "686" --bootstrap cdebootstrap

and lhbuild

I get this error message:
P: Retrieving Release
P: Retrieving Release.gpg
P: Validating Release
E: Could'nt validate Release

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Apart from this pb I have other bugs suggestion for Debian Lenny Xfce
Live CD downloaded on debianlive:

At boot prompt when pressing F3 key to show help screen and boot
parameters, Cdrom tray ejects and I get a boot error message telling me
to restart.

This problem would'nt be disturbing if we could have an idea to boot in
686 mode without the help screen as 486 mode is very limited for today's



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