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running livecd from a hd without installing it

       Hi all,

     Dyne:bolic has a feature called "docking" where the user is able to simply copy the system directory from the CD to a partition (what can be done from inside a windows system too) and boot using it instead the cd content. I find that awesome, since I can run my system everywhere and with high speed, not having to work on a system running from a cd. I also don't have to change the installed system, after using linux, I just erase the dyne directory and leave. The other cool thing is the so called "nesting", where the system automatically recognizes a existent *.nst file that stores the users data and config files (/etc content for example) and loads it. Is there a way to do those things with a DebianLiveCD? If not, I really think that is something to be thought about, than we all know how liveCDs are much more useful than simple show-linux-to-your-friends systems.


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