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Lenny and extlinux don't play together


I'm trying to get the Lenny Gnome live CD (as of 17-Apr-2008) to work on 
a usb stick which has an ext2 partition where the system files are 
stored. The usual procedure is to copy the contents of the isolinux dir 
to a "extlinux" dir, install extlinux (3.62) in this dir and rename 
isolinux.cfg to extlinux.conf.

This has ever worked with any distribution I tried. However, the recent 
Debian live images that have just been released don't seem to work 
anymore. When booting from the usb stick, I am stuck at the splash logo. 
The content of boot.txt is shown but the "boot:" string is missing and 
key inputs don't work either.

Is this a known problem so it can be fixed?

Greetz, powered_by_tux

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