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debian installer

On Samstag 22 M?rz 2008, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> On Samstag 22 M?rz 2008, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> > Chris Lamb wrote:
> > > Due to a bug in the current version of live-helper, none of this will
> > > work correctly unless you are using my live-helper tree or Daniel has
> > > pulled my fixes already.
> >
> > fetch a snapshot from live.debian.net/debian-snapshot/.
> I am building now. Let's see what happens.

Hope you guy can cope with my questions. 
I installed a live-helper snapshot. It builds the CD but drops me into a 
busybox shell on boot.

Do I need to use the 	live-initramfs_1.124.1+20080323.041756_all.deb as well 
and where do I put it.

Any help is appreciated

Sebastian Hilbert 
Leipzig / Germany
[www.gnumed.de]  -> PGP welcome, HTML ->/dev/null

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